Samsung Note 8 Battery Problem and Tips

Samsung Note 8 Battery Problem and Tips

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Last year Samsung releases its top rank mobile, Galaxy Note 8. The mobile is praised because of its good performances and features. Note 8 can easily place in top 2-3 best mobiles of 2017 and 2018. However after it release numerous note 8 issues are reported. The Samsung device is making a lot of fuss for its users regarding battery management. The mobile is facing trouble in turning on once battery finishes completely, after recharge mobile won’t work as expected or doesn’t even starts. Last year Samsung galaxy 7 explosion causes a lot of issue and loss to Samsung Company, they recalled a lot of their galaxy note 7 products. The note 8 issue surfaced in market in December, when Samsung already sold millions of its Note 8 mobiles in last quarter of 2017.

Note8 battery review

“We are investigating this issue very seriously, however we only received a very small amount of problems that could be linked with battery management” 

According to PCWelt, Samsung press releases

It is still not confirmed by Samsung that whether this is internal mobile fault or it’s the software that is causing the issue. But Samsung acknowledged the issue. According to Samsung; as the reported issues are comparatively less, so they are replacing or investigating each device case by case. It’s hardly 1 year passed when Samsung Note 7 was reported explosion issues, the number of note 7 issues are much higher than recent note 8 battery issue, due to which Samsung calls back its huge note 7 devices, which made a lot of damage to Samsung company, lets hope note 8 issue will be resolved soon and Samsung ship start sailing again.

Tip: It is highly recommend if you are owning Note 8, do backup it daily, so if your device is affected by the same issue, at least your data is secure and accessible.