Samsung Galaxy S10 expected features, specs or rumors

Samsung Galaxy S10 expected features, specs or rumors

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Samsung just files Patent for its new flagship galaxy S10, this describes much about the upcoming smartphone.

Samsun S10 expected specifications, design and news

Is it too soon to hypothesize about the Galaxy S10, or even the Galaxy S11? Hell no! Show developments linger appropriate around the bend, and keeping in mind that Samsung is preparing to declare a foldable cell phone—the Galaxy F or Galaxy X—it has different traps up its sleeve. An ongoing patent application points of interest some of what Samsung has as a main priority, and we trust they discover their way into the following leader Galaxy gadget.

Samsung Galaxy S10

All things considered, the Galaxy F or Galaxy X (or whatever Samsung winds up calling it) isn’t a lead telephone. Rather, Samsung is toying around with a remarkable structure and trusting that engineers will concoct innovative methods for utilizing the plan. Samsung Galaxy S10, lead space still has a place with Samsung’s conventional Galaxy S and Galaxy Note families.

Samsung S10 Patent
Samsung galaxy S10 patent filings

Energizing things could be coming to either of Samsung’s leads. In a patent application recorded a month ago with the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO), Samsung galaxy S10 blue prints shows a lot of different under display technologies, this can be the under screen finger print scanner.

Galaxy S10 expected features, specs or rumour
In screen finger print scanner

Everything of importance is jammed underneath the display and in between layers. Importantly this includes the camera, which is the primary reason for the notched design that has become so popular. Those camera sensors have to sit somewhere, and so far they’ve either been embedded in a bezel, in a notch, or in a pop-up assembly.


In addition to the camera(s), the fingerprint scanner rests underneath the display, as does a 3D projector module, and even a “hologram device.” And to keep the clean look of a full front display, Samsung’s patented smartphone design calls for the speaker and 3.5mm headphone jack to both be placed at the bottom.

Samsung Patent

Samsung galaxy S10 still a mystery:


Samsung galaxy S10 still a mystery until released or officially disclosed, this mysterious phone would also have a whole bunch of sensors, including a gesture sensor, gyro sensor, atmospheric pressure sensor, magnetic sensor, acceleration sensor, grip sensor, proximity sensor, RGB sensor, bio sensor, temperature and humidity sensor, illumination sensor, and UV sensor. Some of those are pretty clear, while others like the bio sensor are not much clear but they can be a blood pressure/ heart beat measurement sensor .

Galaxy s10 Connectivity:

All of the other traditional bits are included as well, such as Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity, NFC support, and so on. What’s interesting, though, is that Samsung’s patent checks off most features we would have on a wish list, if we could design a smartphone ourselves. Will it come to fruition? Let’s all cross our fingers!

Expected Features of Galaxy S10

DisplayNo button on front display
Finger print SensorUnder display finger print sensor is expected
Audio Jack(Yes) In patent Galaxy S10 shows a 3.5mm jack at the bottom
SpeakersYes at the bottom
Other Sensorsgesture sensor
gyro sensor
pressure sensor
magnetic sensor
acceleration sensor
grip sensor
proximity sensor
RGB sensor
temperature and humidity sensor
illumination sensor
and UV sensor
Bio SensorIt is expected that samsung added some medical related sensors in its Galaxy S10, these are not much clear but they may be
1) Blood pressure measuring sensor
2) Heart Rate  measuring sensor
FlashYes (Expected Dual Flash)
ConnectivityWi-Fi , Bluetooth, NFC support
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