How to Add the Right Freelancers to Your Workforce

How to Add the Right Freelancers to Your Workforce

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If the time has come to grow your business but you don’t have the resources or the need to hire a full-time staff, freelancers could be what you need. Freelancers provide expertise in specific industries, you can pay them one job at a time, and you don’t have to give them benefits.

However, hiring freelancers is only a good investment if you find qualified candidates who have the knowledge and skills you need to get projects done well. Otherwise, you may end up spending money on work you can’t use. If you’re looking to expand your workforce, consider these tips for finding and hiring the right freelancers.

Figure Out What You Want

First of all, you need to figure out what you need a freelancer for. Is there is a project that you lack expertise in or that you simply don’t want to do? Even if you enjoy all your current projects, do you have too much on your plate? According to Sendible, identify which tasks will free up the most time for you to spend on the more important parts of running the business, and then look for candidates who specialize in those areas.

Go Over Your Budget

It’s also important to decide what you can pay for freelancers before you start hiring. As you can imagine, the price often reflects the quality of work. While you want to be budget-conscious, you also don’t want to provide your clients or customers with unsatisfactory services. Don’t simply go for the least expensive candidates you find; look for freelancers who can provide professional work at a price you can manage. This will likely require a process of trial and error, but it will be worth the time and money once you find the right freelancers.

Check with a temp agency.

If you have a one-off project that comes up or find that you need a role filled for a short time, contact a temp agency to find qualified candidates. The right temp agency will vet, screen, and review candidates, in addition to handling payment, which comes in handy when you want to spend more time focused on growing your business. Plus, agencies must fulfill their contract obligations, so they have the incentive to deliver quality, reliable talent for your business.

Use Your Network and Job Sites

Other ways to find qualified candidates include asking around your network and posting on job sites. A lot of freelancers build their reputation by word of mouth, so if you have friends in your network whose opinions you value (and who are not competitors), ask them which freelancers they use.

Also, posting on sites geared toward freelance jobs can get you loads of applications in no time; it just may take longer to sift through the candidates and select the ones that will work best for your company. The bonus of using job sites, however, is that you can find everything from graphic designers to admin help to sales and marketing.

Assign Trial Projects.

Anytime you have a candidate in mind, consider giving them one or two trial projects before you hire them. Provide instructions on what work needs to be done, and then give them a deadline. This helps you evaluate the candidate in two critical ways: you see their work in context with your company, and you see whether they can meet a deadline.

Use Automation

Finally, some tasks may not require freelancers — or humans, for that matter. For instance, if you sell on Poshmark, you’ve probably realized that it can be challenging to get your listings seen. offers software that automatically fulfills self sharing, community sharing, following, and unfollowing so that you can sell products easier.

Hiring freelancers could be the next step for your company to take. Be sure to decide what you need, and figure out what you can pay for freelance work. Consider temp agencies, your network of people, and job sites for finding candidates. Lastly, always assign a trial project before hiring a candidate, and consider automation tools for tasks like selling on Poshmark.

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