Guides For Poshmark Sellers
Choose a Poshmark virtual assistant wisely

Guides For Poshmark Sellers

Poshmark is a retail website mainly involved in reselling apparel. Other than buying your clothes on Poshmark, you can also sell your items, appropriately named as a closet, in the app. Because of its convenience, the Poshmark app has gained more and more users.

Buying on Poshmark is effortless. With just a few taps, you can have new items shipped directly at your doorsteps! On the other hand, to make sales on Poshmark is a different story.

Of course, just like in every business, you cannot escape the concept of “competition.” There is always a huge chance that other sellers may sell the same items as you do. In addition to that, other sellers may also price their items cheaper than yours. Below we will share some tips on how to get started with poshmark and become poshmark ambassador within a week, along with chosing a Virtual assistant for basic daily poshmark tasks or using a bot for poshmark shares

All you need to know about Poshmark before start Selling

Unlike any retailing websites, sites like Poshmark offers a convenient way to increase your chances of sales.

If you are about to give up because you have not sold anything, then believe me when I tell you that making sales on Poshmark is quite simple!

The secret of poshmarkseller is to have many followers and by constantly sharing your closet lists. The more followers you have on Poshmark, the more likely your closet will be seen. 

The same also goes for sharing. The more frequent you share, the more you advertise your own products.

Thus, one of the crucial keys, in order to make a sale on Poshmark, relies on the number of followers and shares you have.

Poshmark Following and Sharing for sales jump


You may be wondering, “how do following and sharing increase my chance of making a successful sale on Poshmark?”

One of the reasons why Poshmark sales rely on sharing and following is to open the opportunity for fellow sellers and buyers to freely advertise your closet.

To put it in a scenario, imagine you follow a random seller on Poshmark. There is always a chance that the one you followed may follow you back. The more followers you have also entailed a lot of viewers for your closets.

This also goes the same as sharing other people’s closets. Sellers alike may return the favor by sharing your closet, too! This will advertise your closet to their followers. Again, it is a free advertisement!

Now that you have gained several followers, now is the time to know when and where exactly to share your own items. Obviously, you ought to share your items when there are a lot of active users. This increases the chance of your closet to be seen by thousands, if not hundreds, of potential buyers.

What are Poshmark Parties ?

The downside is that Poshmark does not have any official statistics regarding the time when users are most active. So, experiment by yourself. Try sharing at any time of day. Go test for yourself when users are most likely to view your closet.

Join Posh parties and gain more audience,

As a compensation of not knowing any idea when to share your items, Poshmark also hosts “Poshmark parties.” These parties are the perfect place, the “where,” of sharing your items.

Poshmark parties occur four times a day. A party focuses on a respective theme, that is, the brand, category, department, and style. 

For your reference, here is the official schedule of Poshmark parties:

9 A.M. (PST) is the brand party – this party focuses on the Poshmark community’s favourite brands. If you happen to sell brands such as Louis Vuitton, Gucci, Fendi, Nike, Adidas, Dior, Tory Burch, and many more, then try to attend this party.

12 P.M. (PST) is the category party – this party focuses on a respective category like “Handbags,” “Shoes,” “Accessories,” etc. Regardless of the brand, if you are selling items that fit into the same category, then try attending this party!

4 P.M. (PST) is the department party – as the name implies, this party focuses on a department, that is, “men’s,” “kids,” “plus-sizes,” etc.

7 P.M. (PST) is the style party – the theme of this party revolves around different styles, that is, “street style,” “daytime to date night,” and “total trendsetter.”

Poshmark Virtual Assistants!

To make a successful sale on Poshmark, then, is to increase the number of your followers and to constantly share your items. However, you may ponder on another question, “how to have a lot of followers?”

Manually following other people, in order to be followed back, maybe tiresome for you. You need to constantly check up on your closet and monitor your Poshmark account.

Will you believe me if I tell you that there is a convenient way of following and sharing on Poshmark? Convenient in a way that you will no longer have to manually select whom to follow and, in addition to that, you are able to set a specific time when to share your closet listings.

There are two ways of conveniently sharing your closets and following other users. Either by hiring yourself a virtual assistant or utilizing bots that are dedicated to increasing your sales on poshmark!

Poshmark Virtual Assistants options

Websites such as specialize in providing a virtual assistant that helps you share your closet listings, so you don’t have to!

In addition to this, also provides the growth of your account by following other users!  The more people you follow, the higher the chances your listings will be seen!

What is best about hiring a virtual assistant at is to avoid this tedious, but crucial, the task of sharing, following, and sharing again. Lucky for you, you do not need to do this personally because, at, they offer virtual assistants that help you do these tedious tasks for you!

This will save you a lot of time and will give you convenience while you just wait for your unwanted clothes to turn into needed cash! If you are still not convinced, here is a testimony by a user of a poshmark virtual assistant. Hall Read says, “I am greatful to this services, frees up a lot of time for me. Thank you.”

Poshmark Bot for easy following and shares

Another convenient option that does not use a virtual assistant but still shares and follows are a poshmark bot! Indeed, artificial intelligence is always helping us, even in becoming a Poshmark selling machine yourself!

There are two websites that provide you with a poshmark bot that can share your closet listings for you and have a successful sale on Poshmark. They are, and What’s the difference between the two?

Essentially, and are the same things. Both aim to provide you with sales and exposure on Poshmark! However, the difference between the two is that the former is a web-based bot while the latter is a window-based bot.

A benefit of using a poshmark bot is its knowledge of the Poshmark algorithm. Because of this, a poshmark bot knows exactly when to follow and share your closets. Talk about convenience!

Another reason why subscribing to these bots is convenient for you is its automated sharing capabilities. Sharing enhances the chance of gaining sales. It is Poshmark’s way of advertising your own products.

Other than sharing, a poshmark bot also automatically follows people. Again, following a lot of people benefits you because of the opportunity for fellow sellers to follow you back.

Aside from dedicating rapid sales on your Poshmark accounts, these bots also assure account protection. Poshmark bots, like, guarantees that your account will be undetected by the security of Poshmark algorithms.

Poshmark bots cannot be detected by these security algorithms because of its built-in interval timer between shares & follows. The developers of these bots advise that you must not set this too low since it would be suspicious if you share too fast.

Account protection also implies protection from captchas. As soon as a captcha is presented, the software will automatically pause. You are then able to complete your captcha and return to having more sales!

To know more about this, watch the guidelines set out in their respective training videos. This will guarantee the safety of your account.

What is choose Virtual Assistant or Bots for Poshmark Shares?

Indeed, both offer convenience. If you are unsure which is better, then here are a few differences and similarities between your personal poshmark virtual assistant and a poshmark bot.

Keep in mind that the major similarity between the two is to increase your chances of making a sale on Poshmark. This is done by exposing your closet lists and your poshmark account in the poshmark community. However, a poshmark virtual assistant and a poshmark bot do this goal in mind in a different way.

A poshmark virtual assistant,, is exactly what it sounds like, having your own personal assistant! At, you are hiring someone, virtually, to share your closet listings and follow other people for you so you don’t have to!

On the other hand, a poshmark bot also does the same thing as a virtual assistant but do it in an automated way! You just need to manually set your desired settings and the bot shares and follow for you!

Have Fun Selling on Poshmark!

In summation, Poshmark sales heavily rely on sharing and following. The reason is for you to advertise your own product. Through Poshmark Virtual Assistants and poshmark bots, you can easily and conveniently share your closet listings and follow fellow poshers.

Get to know more about these assistants and bots by going to the sites mentioned above.

Have fun selling on Poshmark!

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