Best Smartwatches Options Under 200$

With too many available options of smart watches, it is really difficult to choose which is best and why. Let’s have a look of some top smart watches options, if you have 200 dollar budget.

Best Smartwatches Options Under 200$

1. LG

If someone is looking for a stylish smart watch under 200$ and want all smart watch features then LG Urbane Luxe is for you. The watch is 23-karat gold heavy plate and has gorgeous leather band. This watch is dust and water resistant, and support both android and IOS devices. The watch has 512Mb ram and 4Gb internal storage, its weigh is around 66 gram.

LG Urbane Luxe, Best Smartwatches Options Under 200

2. Pebble

Pebble introduces some very cool smart watches with a very reasonable price.

If you love steel watches and want an android steel watch then Pebble Steel Watch is for you. The watch has analog clock face worth of nearly 170$, the watch is just 56 gram heavy, and supports both apple and android phones.

The watch allows you to calculate your daily calorie intake, tracks your sleep and step.

pebble steel smart watch under 200

If you want a circular flat watch with very less weight then Pebble Round watch is good option. The watch costs 170$ and is only 39 gram. The watch has accelerometer, pedometer, sleep and distance sensor. The watch has changeable leather strap, and a lot of color options (Black, Silver, Rose Red) are available. 

3. Samsung

A 73 gram Samsung Galaxy Gear is an android watch, and support only android phones. The watch has 512Mb ram and doesnot support any external memory card. If you are comfortable with less storage option and want an android watch under 200$ then Samsung Galaxy Gear is a good option, the watch has smooth operating system and cost’s nearly 200$.

4. Sony

A heavy watch with rectangular flat surface, Sony Smartwatch 2 is best option, for people want heavy watches, its 122gram watch, has nfc, usb connectivity and Bluetooth option. The watch support android mobiles, has builtin speakers and cost 160$. The watch has silicon strap material, and come up with color options of Black, Brown, Green, Pink, Purple, Yellow.

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