Best Crypto Currencies Applications on Google Play Store

Best Crypto Currencies Applications on Google Play Store

Free Android Crypto Currency Apps

Now a days crypto currency is a hot topic, a lot of people are investing in this industry, it’s an industry of Market Capital around $592,246,171,489. The first crypto currency came in market is Bitcoin (BTC) in 2009 April and at that time 1 BTC is $80. Recently the BTC touched $20,000 and it is expected in coming years the BtC worth will touch million dollar. Yes the crypto currency proves its potential, in 8 years more than 1500 crypto currencies came in market. Its really difficult to keep track of crypto currencies, to trade in crypto currencies people use graphs to track the history of coin. Currently a lot of good applications are available in Google Play store that helps you in trading of crypto currencies. Let’s have a look of some top free Crypto currencies apps that are available and there features.

1. Blockfolio Bitcoin / Altcoin App

Blockfolio Bitcoin is pretty popular app in android store, it has around 1 million downloads and has a user rating 4.7. The app provides a pretty good cryptocurrency management. You will get entire portfolio of currency, its prices and history on a single click. You will get alerts on app if your interested currency prices crosses your given threshold. The app provide comprehensive candle charts to view complete history of coin. The app has almost 2000 cryptocurrencies data.

2. is the official app of Coincap. This app also provide real time currencies market data. The app features includes you can Create Altfolios that allow you to keep track of your cryptocurrencies and provide information on price changes (+/-), the value of your holdings in real time, Easily share price info on your social media channels or send via text message and email, Exchange coins in the palm of your hand with native ShapeShift integration. To use the basic features no signup is required, download the app and start using. The app has 100k downloads and 3.7 star user rating.

3. Wallet is another cryptocurrency wallet app. The app allows you to check your cryptocurrency balance, helps you in transferring funds to others, make online payments using your cryptocurrency. The app design looks good. The app has some shopping options, you can buy gifts by your cryptocurrency with the help of app. You can also find banks and stores if you need that. The app has 1 million downloads and 4.6 star rating.

4. Bitcoin Ticker Widget

Bitcoin Ticker Widget is a quick and easy solution for people who want to know the current exchange rates of various crypto currencies straight from their home screen. The widget supports most currencies and exchanges. The best thing about widget is you will get current rate of coin of multiple exchanges. The app has around 500k downloads and 4.6 star rating.

Gadget Catalogue bitcoin tracker review
Bitcoin Ticker Widget

5. CoinMarketCap – Crypto Prices & Coin Market Cap

CoinMarketCap is a cool app that helps you to track crypto currencies prices. The app is fetching prices from API and is synced with website, which means you can use same login on app and website. The app is very simple to use, currencies prices and 24hr percentage is shown in tabular form. Currently app has 3.9 rating and 100K Downloads.

Gadget Catalogue coinmarketcap review
CoinMarketCap – Crypto Prices & Coin Market Cap

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